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Dentifying these different sections can help assistive When you use these technology, like screen readers, comb through your site easier. ARIA landmarks help your audience Identifying these know what they’re reading, the content’s location, and where to proceed next. It’s a great feature that will help you maintain ADA website compliance. Use If you want to create a website that works for disabled persons, use the technology they use to access your site.

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Alternative input devices for  scrolling through  a site, your  audience will When you use these technologies use different forms of assistance to navigate your website. as you When you use these design and build your site, you gain a better understanding of the issues and struggles these users face. It also helps you test to see if your ADA-friendly elements work with the technology. It’s an excellent way for you to gain a broader understanding of how you can make your website better for disabled persons.

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Understand how your udience browses your site. In addition to the above options, you When you use these can also purchase ADA compliance product or services. Pricing for these options varies, and can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. How much your business pays will depend on your website’s size and compliance needs. Build your ADA compliant website today.

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Over 60 years, huge strides have been made in ASR in the last decade with the introduction of deep-learning language models. accurate and has a plethora of uses. It powers the dictation English course for programmers developed by features on your smartphone  or smart home manager. ASR algorithms can automatically transcribe the

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deposition or a police officer’s body camera  footage. It can even provide automatic live captions for a marketing webinar or a college professor’s lecture to make note-taking easier. Plus, developers are now testing new ASR systems that can produce accurate results from low-quality or long-distance audio. Cloud computing has brought massive

amounts of data to

industry leaders, presenting exciting  opportunities to improve ASR accuracy. This influx of data has driven developers to make deep-learning training algorithms more efficient. And, as ASR technology has improved, customers have come to expect more from it — just think about what you expected from Siri 10 years ago compared to today.


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