Top Telemarketer Databases for Targeted Leads in 2024

They keep coming

When we carefully create an email newsletter and want to send the latest promotions to a large number of customers. We hope that the e-newsletter can reach the front page of the customer’s inbox. When the customer opens the mailbox. You can do it immediately. By viewing our email newsletter we can achieve significant marketing results. It can be seen that Gmail’s promotion pagination judgment rules have a great impact on the marketing results of the email newsletter.

At this point, as a marketer

You may be worried: Does Gmail filter all sent e-newsletters and place them on the recipient’s promotions page? Is there a way to avoid the Gmail calculation error?
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The most powerful Gmail email in the world

27 billion emails were opened worldwide in one year. The number of emails Maintaining Organizational Operations  opened in Gmail represented 59% of the number of emails opened in the world. Compared to four years ago, the number of emails opened. In Gmail the figure represents only 6% of the world total. But it has increased 53% in just a few years. With more than half of the total, it far surpasses other email inbox service providers such as Yahoo and Hotmail.

According to the Return Path research report

Social dividends are no longer available

However, what is even more surprising is that Gmail’s promotions tab placement rate reaches 84.5%, but 19.9% ​​of users have never. Viewed emails in promotions tab. Frontline marketers should feel this rule adjustment the most. After all. None of us would want our well-designed email newsletter to become just one of the 19.9% ​​letters.

Email Newsletter Marketing

According to statistics on the 27 billion emails Social dividends are no longer available that have been  opened in the world, the number of emails opened by Gmail accounted for 59% of the number of emails opened in the world in 2017. Image source: Soundest
Convince Gmail with your non-promotional EDM emails
Gmail’s tabbed interface inbox automatically helps users filter emails into four different tab categories:

Main, Social, Promotions and Updates.

Although pagination by category is indeed a good way to categorize your email inbox, Gmail may categorize some valuable content or important emails in the promotions tab and recipients will ignore them. In fact, the author has discovered that even if it is a pure text letter. Personal letters whose content has nothing to do with sales will be classified as “promotional content.”


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