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8,600 markets are currently register with the USDA,. Marketing farmers markets will help each one of them blossom into a vibrant community: think getting great seasonal produce while running into neighborhood medicare telemarketing leads friends and meeting the actual people that grow your food. A text message campaign is a great way to promote your farmers market. Emails currently languish at a 15-25% open rate while text messages average a 98% open rate within minutes after receiving them.

Write a strong call to action

Marketing farmers markets well with an SMS program takes Marketing Farmers Markets  a strong call to action. When customers opt in to your list, tell them clearly what to expect and motivate them with an opt-in offer like “Text MYMARKET to 37373 to get weekly updates on what’s new plus a 20% discount before 10am!” Give various vendors a chance to be featur with custom opt-in offers too. It will drive people to their booths and get them invest in your program.

Build your SMS subscriber list on your website

Marketing Farmers Markets

Sign up people for your SMS program through your website with our easy to use TextMarks Widget. You can customize the size, shape, style and color of your widget, allowing you to create something that goes with the look and feel of your website. It also has one customizable field, which is a great way to get more information about your customer.

which is up from just under 2,000 in 1994

Ask them their main reason for coming to your market (e.g., produce, dairy, food vendors). You and your vendors can use this information for future promotions. For example, you The power of phone numbers to connect with your customers can easily delight your  dairy  customers by texting them the scoop on the new French cheese seller in the market (not local, but worth it)!


Marketing farmers markets with PosterOven

PosterOven has all the tools you ne to create custom, print materials for your keyword program. Access PosterOven from our  dashboard and then easily create the posters, postcards, or stickers you ne. It gives you a low-cost way to get the necessary materials to promote your text messaging program in every booth.

Marketing your farmers market even when it’s raining

When the weather isn’t looking good, you can send a quick SMS to let all your customers know the market isn’t happening. They will welcome the time you sav them driving over and also feel reassur that they will know whether your market is happening, rain or shine. Sending a last minute discount offer by text message can be a great way to boost attendance too!


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