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I think it’s very questionable, it’s not well disclos, and it does violate a lot of regulatory practices. And start developing houses, as you Americans say, I flipp houses. Bought them, I flipp them, I sold them. Cconsistent branding, easy navigation for visitors Poor content organization is not conducive to long-term development and SEO
Advantages of single-page websites
Fast production and launch

Google doesn’t even necessarily disclose this to people in certain Pixels

I guess you start out as an independent agent and things have chang, haven’t they  Sam Ashdown, you know, you would think that because that’s very sensible, but I I do not think so. Easy to navigate for visitors

Consistent brand image

Because the single-page website has a design style, it can better display The communication barrier the brand image and style. This helps to enhance users’ impression and recognition of the brand and improves the overall image of the brand.

Single-page web pages are usually navigated by scrolling. And visitors can easily slide the page to find the information they need. Compared with the complex navigation structure of multi-page websites, this can improve the user experience. Reduce user frustration for not finding information on the website.

There are concerns, but this

Tell me a little bit about your journey

is where the demise of third parties comes  from. So some of the bigger players, like Google and even now Apple, are starting to eliminate third-party data, whether that’s also decimating their ad revenue or actually increasing ad revenue because the target is gone.

Evaluation Approach Quick launch

They act boldly. Single-page websites are usually 60+ SMS marketing and text messaging statistics relatively simple to  design and create, so they can be published online more quickly. For companies that need to launch products or activities quickly, this can give them a time advantage to tap into the market or schedule the event first.

They said, you know what, this

new thing we call audience plus ad targeting, they said, you don’t ne data, you ne artificial intelligence to figure out who your perfect customer is.

What happen was my friends and family start asking me, this is what happens, isn’t it, and then you start building a business that way. But you know you wrote Duct Tape Marketing at the right time for me because I start my own business in 2016.


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