You must also indicate information

Concerning the hosting of your platform even if it is hosted free of charge. You will need to indicate the name of the host, their telephone number, their address and the company name. Another guide : E-commerce product photo . This article presents some tips for a successful e-commerce product photo,


how to optimize it, as well as


the different types of photographers to Lithuania Mobile Number List choose for taking the photo of your product to sell. How to write legal notices for an e-commerce site? The mandatory legal notices to be indicated on an e-commerce site are specified by law for confidence in the digital economy . You can consult the article of law which governs the legal notices of an e-commerce site to write yours whether you are self-employed or otherwise. Otherwise,


you can also call on an expert

to draft the legal notices for an e-commerce site. In  Azerbaijan Phone Number List addition to these options, you can also download examples of legal notices from an online e-commerce site to write your own. In any case, you must know certain points to avoid all risks . Please note that the legal notices of an e-commerce site must contain at least the mandatory notices which depend on the legal structure you have chosen. If you are an individual entrepreneur, your legal notices section of an e-commerce site must contain: Your information last name, 


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