Your Site is Responsive But Does Your Content Make Sense on Mobile?

Mobile content means that your content also has to adapt to the mobile version.
Mobile content is what’s missing when you consider that responsive design is the only change you need to make to make your website make sense to the more than 60% of users who access the internet using mobile devices.

This is the 2nd and final part of two articles about mobile versions of websites, optimization and content adaptation.

The size of your website may be adjusted to different screen sizes, but several other adjustments are necessary to ensure that you can effectively reach users on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

First, let’s talk about adapting content for mobile access

Few companies and even fewerentrepreneursYou have Taiyuan Mobile Number List already realized that this can be a great opportunity. Content has to adapt to new screens. And note that the new screens can be cell phones and tablets, but they can also be televisions, refrigerators, video games and everything else that the Internet of Things industry invents.

Google has said for some time that mobile user experience should be prioritized, not only because more than 50% of searches are mobile, but because what matters is the user experience. So, in addition to your website being responsive, texts, images and videos should be designed for mobile consumption. I said that mobile content should be designed, not adapted.

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So, ask yourself

The text blocks are too large.

The reading flow is facilitated.
Images adapt without distortion.
Videos logically complement the text.
Do the videos have transcriptions in case the person can’t turn on the sound?
It’s a good idea to start by answering these questions.

Adapting content for the mobile version
Firstly, you need to put yourself in the position of a content consumer, as this is the angle from which everything should be viewed.

This step is not specific to mobile content, because it should always happen. Think about your customer! Like this:

Do tests ofusabilityguys,
Check that the visualization is good and that everything Argentina Phone Number List adapts immediately.
That done, let’s move on to the golden tips for content adaptation. I based this part partially on this incredible article from Top Rank Blog .

About optimizing videos for mobile:

For mobile content, if you are going to use videos, limit their length to no more than 7 minutes. If the video is embedded in the article, keep it shorter than 5 minutes.
Use specialized free services, mainly Youtube or alternatively Vimeo for hosting and everything will adapt automatically, such as quality and size.
Create videos using HTML5 standards.
If you are going to include text in your video, make sure it is centered so that it is more readable on smaller screens.


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