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e-mail Information about your host name, address, telephone number and company name The RCS and RM registration number Individual tax identification number If you are a company, the legal notices must contain at least: Legal form SARL, SAS, SASU, Social capital Afterwards, whether you are an entrepreneur or a company, you must indicate information concerning If you use them,


you must inform visitors


of your purpose for them. You must also allow Panama mobile number list Internet users to accept or refuse. Discover our training courses to launch a profit-generating online business Discover now In addition to cookies, you must indicate the general conditions of sale or T&Cs. Finally, do not forget to indicate the mentions concerning the use of personal data . Who will be the recipients of the data collected? What are the contact details of the DPO or Data Protection Officer within your company? What is the purpose of this data processing? What about the right to access your data,


rectification or even opposition?

Will Internet users be able to complain by appealing Bahamas Phone Number List to the CNIL under the Data Protection Act? Etc. The rest of the content of the legal notices of an e-commerce site then depends on the activity concerned. Other mandatory information In addition to the legal notices of an e-commerce site, an online sales platform must contain other mandatory elements. First of all there are the general conditions of sale. They must appear on a page accessible to all. The General Terms and Conditions section must comply with the Consumer Code and the Commercial Code and must correspond to distance selling regulations . 


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