Why integrate all contacts in your CRM

So you don’t miss any opportunities

By sorting and selecting your leads, you might miss some opportunities. Indeed, a lead that is cold in 2021 might become hot in 2022, it might just be the wrong momentum. It is important to nurture your leads until they show interest in your product.

Keep track of your contact records

It is essential to keep track of all the leads you have (whether you have met them or not). They may well convert one day. In addition, most CRM / Cold-Email tools allow you to have a follow-up on the activity of the contact, and therefore to qualify it, then to plan follow-up actions according to its interest.

Avoid recontacting a lead already contacted

Not adding all the leads in your database could generate duplicates in your Emailing/Cold Call campaigns and in your contacts with prospects. By choosing not to add all the leads in your CRM, you risk missing past contacts within your team …. And therefore contact them a second time.

Imagination of the cold lead

As previously stated, talking about a cold lead means that the lead’s interest in your product is still low or even non-existent. This idea may repel some Sales Teams who prefer to focus on hot leads, which they believe have a better chance of converting.

Not to lose any investment

When generating leads, whether hot or cold, you invest a lot of money in targeting, scraping and communication campaigns. On the  New Zealand Phone Numbers other hand, a lot of this data is sometimes not used because the contacts are judged as not being “mature” enough or reluctant to buy.

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Have a better organization

By classifying your leads (non-qualified, MQL, SQL, etc.) you will have a global vision of your data, more coherent data and a rigorous follow-up of the relationship with your prospects. In addition, having a CRM allows you to have visibility on the origin of your leads, so you will be able to determine if the leads come from your campaigns, or from another means such as a subscription to your newsletter / filling out a form.


Do not lose any information

Any information on your prospects not filled in your CRM will potentially be lost! Or at least if it is not lost, it means that you have several databases…To have one and only one database: as mentioned in the previous point, every information Australia Phone Number List  you don’t fill in your CRM is potentially lost, unless you have several databases… But accumulating databases will not be of any use to you, except to make you waste time, and money.


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