Use data such as genre preferences


 Netflix also uses recommendation algorithms to personalize customers’ viewing experience.  comments, and viewing history. Netflix can recommend TV shows and movies that customers are more likely to like. But why invest in CX personalization? This is the answer to a long-standing question among consumers. They want more personalization. In fact, % of people think brands could do more in this area, according to Zendesk.

 For companies that invest in this

direction, this reaction comes with beneficial results. According to research from Changsha Mobile Number List HubSpot, consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that offer a personalized browsing experience. In fact, % of consumers say they are more likely to buy from companies that provide them with a personalized experience. A study conducted by Monetate also showed that personalization can increase conversion rates by %.

 According to Zendesk, % of managers

say increased personalization can improve customer retention, and % believe Egypt Phone Number List it can reduce customer acquisition costs. Do you want to know more? Contact Wakacon! Technology that delivers instant interactions Customer knowledge and personalization of experience are two key points for customers. Immediacy is another decisive criterion in choosing one brand over another.



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