Live chat or chatbot is one of the technologies


 According to a study conducte by Forrester Research, % of customers state that not having to. wait during an interaction is a key factor in overall satisfaction with the customer experience. On the other hand, % of customers say they consider excessive waiting to be. the worst experience when interacting with customer service, according to Zendesk. 


 It provides instant assistance

improving the customer experience by providing fast, accurate answers to all standard Latvia Mobile Number List questions. That’s enough! Notably, Business Insider reporte that  of consumers confirme that they had interacted with a chatbot in the previous year. In the future, customers will want to be able to ask chatbots increasingly complex questions and maintain a natural flow of discussion, just like with an advisor.


 To achieve this, companies invest

in artificial intelligence. In fact, % of these companies say their AI investments have El Salvador Phone Number List paid off. According to Zendesk, % of people find that their interactions with artificial intelligence and bots become more natural. % of consumers who regularly interact with chatbots see significant improvements in quality.



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