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Do you want to send emails to multiple contacts on your list, but don’t have time to send them separately? We have good news: Gmail offers mass email features that allow you to send a single message to all of your contacts with the click of a button.

But how far do Gmail’s mass email features go? Can you send attachments or personalize emails before sending them? Or are you limited to text emails? That’s what we’re discussing today.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to send an email to all of your contacts in Gmail and also how to maximize its mass mail features.

Why would you need to send a mass email?
Sending mass emails is a common marketing strategy, and marketers use it often to gather feedback via surveys, distribute newsletters, share El Salvador Phone Numbers promotions and discounts with customers, and share big announcements with multiple recipients at once.

The ability to send emails in bulk makes building an email marketing campaign significantly easier, as no one has to spend hours sending out emails individually. Some business owners also use mass emails to send proposals to multiple client stakeholders at once.

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to send an email to all of your contacts in Gmail. Here’s a step-by-step look at each method.

Method 1: Send emails to your Google Contacts from your Gmail account
The easiest way to send mass emails using Gmail is to use Google Contacts. Below, we list the exact steps you need to follow.


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Step 1: Consider using a mail merge (optional)
While Gmail lets you send mass emails, it limits your ability to add attachments, create personalized emails, track responses, and more. That’s where a mail merge Bulgaria Phone Number List tool comes into play. Using one can bring features into Gmail that Google restricts. Some tools also send automatic follow-up emails to prompt more responses, which often adds to the success of marketing campaigns.

You can either look for a mail merge add-on within Gmail or integrate a CRM tool. That has a mail merge feature, like Streak, with your Gmail account.


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