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An alternative method to send mass emails on Gmail is using Google Workspace, but you’ll need to subscribe to the Individual Plan or higher to unlock the features explained below.

Sign up for a Google Workspace account
First, you need to create a Google Workspace account.

Open Google Workspace.
Follow the prompts to add your personal and business information.
a screenshot of the page that shows in the first step of subscribing to Google Workspace
Choose the email you want to set up a Google Workspace account on.
Set up your payment method.

Open your Gmail account

Click on the multi-send mode icon in the horizontal Nigeria Phone Numbers menu next to the Send button.
Click on Turn On.
Step 3: Draft your mass email
Google Workspace offers you various email templates you can use for your mass emails. Here’s how to choose one for your first mass email and draft it:


Nigeria Phone Numbers

Click on the Choose Layout button in the horizontal menu next to the Send button.
Choose the layout you want (call to action, announcement, new service, simple text, etc.).
Click on Save Changes > Insert.
Step 4: Pick your recipients
Here, you have two options. You can either write the names of your recipients manually in the To box, or use a label for a faster process, as we’ve mentioned above. In either case, Gmail will send your email to each recipient individually.

Send your group email

Now, you have a ready recipient list and written email. All that’s left to do is send it. You can do so by clicking on Continue after Cameroon Phone Number List drafting your email. Then, Gmail will show you a pop-up alert to help you avoid your email landing in the spam folder. You can either click on Learn More or Got It. Then you’ll get another message with two options, Send Preview and Send All.

The former will send you a preview of the email so that you can make sure everything looks good. While the latter will send the email to the recipients right away.


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