Auspicious days to start work in the Year of the Rabbit 2023

All methods for workers to improve their luck are revealed!

As the saying goes, if you choose the right day to start work. You will definitely get promoted and make money in the Year of the Rabbit. The Lunar New Year of the Year of the Rabbit 2023 begins on January 22, earlier than in previous years. If you are not a strong official. Choosing an auspicious day to start work will help you turn your luck around and reduce obstacles in your career. If you are a strong official, your career will be more prosperous.

Method 1 for improving luck

Every yer, there are several auspicious days to start work in the new year, divided into the first and second choices. In 2023, there are 4 auspicious days for starting work, including the sixth, eleventh, ninth and twelfth days of the first lunar month. Workers need to pay attention to whether their auspicious days for starting work conflict with their zodiac signs. If they conflict, they must choose another auspicious day.


Method 2 for bringing good luck in the Yea

Rabbit 2023: Working on holidays is also a good start


What if the auspicious day for starting work Sweden Phone Number List on a holiday? No problem! You can go back to the office on the same day to restart your computer, or do some light work at home to organize files, etc., which symbolizes that you have started work on the auspicious day.


Method 4 to improve your luck in the Year of Belgium Phone Number List Rabbit 2023: Place auspicious potted plants on the countertop

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Putting a lucky pot on the table means good luck and good fortune, and looking at it will make you feel better. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it can also increase wealth and bring more wealth in the new year. (Remember to put fake flowers!)


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