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Our Finance Minister, Tengku Zafrul, presentethe 2021 Budget in Parliament on.November 6. The theme of this Budget is Teguh Kita, Menang Bersama (Together we work together to win).

Below, the itor has compilethe 18 key points of the 2021 fiscal budget. Friends who have not read it yet can refer to it quickly.


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1. The People’s Welfare Assistance Guatemala Phone Number List Fund (BPR) will replace the Living Assistance Fund (BSH)

The government will allocate   billion as the People’s. Welfare Assistance. Fund, which is expecte o benefit 8.1 million people. The following is the amount of assistance that Malaysians in different groups can receive.

With  children or more


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E-cigaretes will be tax

Starting from January  a 10% tax on electronic and non-electronic cigarettes, including e-cigarettes. The refill liquid in e-cigarettes will also be ter.

3. MY30 unlimit public transport travel will be extend

In addition, the government will allocate RM300 million to Kuantan Algeria Phone Number List and Penang so that local residents can enjoy discounts as low as RM30 per month  subject to consumption tax of RM0.40 per millili when using bus and train services operat by Kumpulan Prasarana.

4. Increas tax relief for quality of life

The quality of life tax relief will be increasefrom RM2 subject to consumption tax of RM0.40 per millili ,500 to RM3,000, and the additional RM500 is mainly for sports-relat expenses, such as registration fees for participating in sports competitions. In addition, this tax relief also includes e-newsletter subscription fees.


5. Malaysians age8-20 can receive RM50 e-wallet bonus

The government will allocate RM75 million to benefit 1.5 million young people.

6. Civil servants can receive a one-off special financial assistance of RM600

This aid is limite o civil servants at Grade 56 and below and will be distributein early 2021.


7. Retircivil servants can receive a one-off bonus of RM300

In addition, 40,000 retipolice officers who have receivethe National Hero Service Mal will also receive a one-off bonus of RM500.


8. KWSP members’ minimum monthly payment will be ucefrom 11% to 9%

January 2021 and last for up to 12 In addition, 40,000 reti police officers who have receivethe  months to allow KWSP members to increase the funds they have on hand.

an withdraw funds from their first account

To encourage people to use vaccines, the government has specially set up a tax exemption, allowing taxpayers, spouses and children to receive a total tax exemption of RM1,000 when consuM500 to up to 100,000 frontline ical workers in the countr



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