The DC Heroes series is back

Shazam! is the most anticipated DC superhero movie after Aquaman! It is also the funniest and most joyful one among the seven DC superhero movies. Because it completely subverts the style of the past DC movies and takes humorous characters as the theme, it is also highly anticipated by many movie fans!


These superhero movies like to leave some Easter eggs at the end to whet the appetite of moviegoers! So today I will share the Easter eggs of the movie [Shazam]! If you are worried about spoilers, you can pass by…


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[Shazam] There are a total of 2 Easter eggs in the movie. One will appear after the movie ends, and the other will appear more than 6 minutes later, after a series of subtitles!


The first Easter egg: Dr Sivana meets a mysterious character in prison!



Dr. Sivana is the main villain in the movie “Shazam”. At the beginning of the easter egg, he was chanting a spell in prison, and suddenly a voice came and told him that “there is not only one kind of magic in the world, there are other ways to overcome it.”


This mysterious character is Shazam’s most powerful enemy in the future (Mr. Mind)! Although its appearance looks very disgusting, don’t underestimate it. It is the smartest brain-controlled creature in the universe. It has the superpower to control people’s minds and can control any creature through brain waves! The appearance of Mr. Mind means that Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson, is about to appear!


Although Dwayne Johnson did not appear in Hungary Phone Number List the end, I believe it will be connected to the story of “Shazam” in the future, so movie fans please stay tuned!

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The second easter egg: Will join forces with [Aquaman] to save the world

After Billy transforms into Shazam, he keeps testing out his untapped superpowers. In this Easter egg at the end of the film, Billy hilariously tests whether Shazam has Aquaman’s superpowers (the ability to talk to fish and summon schools of fish)!


Although this easter egg is more of a comedy, the Argentina Phone Number List ending of the movie shows many Superman costume logos, and it also connects to the plot of Aquaman, which indirectly shows that DC wants to combine all heroes to create the strongest “Justice League”! If you want to see all DC heroes gathered together, don’t miss this “Shazam”!


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