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Blog posts that are even three or four years old can see sudden drops in ranking as search engines strive to provide timely, accurate results. For blogs with large content libraries built over many years, there are almost always opportunities to revisit and republish older posts to give them new life, with a fraction of the effort of a completely new piece. One of the simplest ways to identify these candidates is by tracking your keyword ranking data over time and looking for specific pages that are losing traffic.


 In many cases these

are valuable URLs simply in need of some refreshing. The more you can incorporate each of these tips into your content marketing, the Taiwan Mobile Number List more each of your blogs will support one another and help demonstrate your brand’s authority. , the more impactful your SEO marketing initiatives will become, on the blog and beyond. 

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into building a winning SEO strategy in ABOUT THE AUTHOR Harry is one of TopRank Marketing’s Content Strategists, and has been a Afghanistan Phone Number List professional digital content specialist since During this time, he has honed his content writing skills and worked closely with SEO and SEM experts to enhance his understanding of how to most effectively create high-quality content that performs well on both search engines and social media.


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