Uber under fire! Use of illicit practices

The Uber platform is a benchmark in the disruptive business segment. The business model, based on a platform, has inspired other businesses whose growth is impressive.  Uber resorted to political lobbying with governments According to what was revealed . The North American company Uber designed an expansion strategy that used political lobbying with governments. But also illicit ways to deceive authorities. Reveals a work by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, released today and referenced by Lusa.

The network of influence included

The ICIJ (the consortium’s acronym in English) Uber Files investigation – which involved 40 media outlets in 29 Bahrain Mobile Number List countries (Portugal is not on this list of ‘media partners’, although the Portuguese case was addressed), analyzing more than 124 thousand documents – concluded that. Between 2013 and 2017, the then CEO, Travis Kalanick, approved a strategy that exploited violence against Uber drivers to promote the company’s image against taxi drivers and governments that created problems for its business.

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Uber also created a complex


Web of lobbying that stretched from media moguls to prime ministers, ministers, government officials and oligarchs, all so that the company could expand its business. according to the journalistic Algeria Phone Number List investigation that brought together almost 200 journalists.  names such as the current French President. Emmanuel Macron. At the time Minister of Economy . Who was caught in conversations with Kalanick promising his government protection against the French taxi drivers’ campaign against Uber.






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