Has another war started?

The saga of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has seen some important developments in recent hours. The Tesla chief executive has made the decision that many expected and will abandon the purchase of the social network.

After many problems and accusations

hands and Shandong Mobile Number List contraal and are already considering the necessary measures to achieve this. The most direct and most obvious measure will be to go to court.

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According to Bret Taylor

enforce the merger agreement, and Twitter believes Argentina Phone Number List it will succeed. Twitter hopes to counter Elon Musk’s arguments and prove that it provided all the information that was requested about the accounts present. There is also the issue of top executives who left the social network and part of their teams, which also served as the basis for their resignation.


If one of the parties withdraws, it will be necessary to pay $1 billion, if Elon Musk is unable to secure the necessary financing. Twitter agreed to pay the fee if it finds another buyer or its board votes against the offer.


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