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Netflix is ​​still  on the Internet and is experimenting with new ways to monetize its offering. While it has shown success with an advertising-based plan, it now appears ready for a new surprise. It is reportedly discussing internally the possibility of creating a new free plan with advertising for some markets. The question is whether it will reach Portugal. Netflix will have a free plan with advertising When it implemented strong measures to block account sharing, Netflix promised to create an advertising-based plan.

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and, against all expectations, it is a success Mexico Mobile Number List among users, who are increasingly adopting this proposal. Now, according to Bloomberg, based on unidentified sources, the streaming service is considering creating a free plan that will be fully supported by advertising. This idea is still being discussed within Netflix. It already tried a free ad-based service for mobile devices in Kenya in 2021, but that experiment ended in 2023.

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However,  is ​​discussing the possibility of Afghanistan Phone Number List launching a free service in larger markets where there are popular free TV networks. Germany and Japan were listed in the publication as two possible markets for a free Netflix plan. One place where the streaming service does not plan to include such a free plan is the US. Netflix streaming advertising plan Streaming service bets on innovation However, launching a freeAs Pplware reported yesterday, until June 28th, Guardians must enroll students from the 6th to the 9th and 11th grades. But today the enrollment platform started to present problems.




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