The Chinese New Year is all about

A watching Lunar New Year movies! GSC New Year Super Promotion, watch movies for only RM 2!!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Dec 31, 1969 Posted at 7:30 AM

Every year during the Lunar New Year, there will always be a series of Lunar New Year movies released. The most common activity during the Chinese New Year is to go to the cinema with family and friends to watch Lunar New Year movies!

But with so many

New Year movies, how do you choose? Want to watch them all but worried that the movie tickets are too expensive?

Now, you can go to the movies with your friend India Phone Number List  without any worries! Because GSC’s movie tickets are as low as RM2!! (Please read the article patiently!)

Companies you may be interested in

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As long as you buy the

A movie time slots before 1pm every day,  Brazil Phone Number List the lowest price is only RM 10! If it is a specific cinema, you can also buy movie tickets at a discounted price of RM8!

This offer is valid from now until further notice. You can purchase tickets through GSC Ticketing Counter, GSC Website, GSC Mobile App or GSC e-Kiosk.


RM 10 movie tickets for designated cinemas (only for movies shown before 1pm):

– GSC 1 Main


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