It turns out that in addition to being

A blacklisted, these 10 reasons can also prevent you from boarding the plane! Your planned trip will be ruined!
ChanGenerally speaking, when talking about the reasons for being denied boarding, the first thing that comes to mind is that you are blacklisted! (This is the result of defaulting on PTPTN in the past)

However you may not know

I that airlines also have the right to refuse boarding. A to certain passengers who do not meet the regulations for safety reasons. According to Skyscanne Bahamas Phone Number List  the following 10 reasons may be the reason why you cannot board the plane.

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Companies you may be interested in

Skyscanner said that in the past, China Eastern Bulgaria Phone Number List Airlines had dissuaded a passenger who was suspected of having a nose job from boarding. At that time, the flight attendant found that the passenger’s nose was covered with gauze. After questioning, it was learned that the passenger had just undergone a nose filling operation a few days ago. The passenger failed to provide a safe boarding certificate issued by a doctor, so he was finally blocked from the boarding gate.


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