Not only has the oil price

Recently , the government announced that petrol prices will be reduced from November 7 to 13.

Among them, RON97 will be reduced by 3sen to RM1.91 per liter; RON95 will be reduced by 3sen to RM1.61 per liter; Diesel will be reduced by 6sen to RM1.68 per liter.

In conjunction with the arrival of Double 11, Lazada has also launched a refueling discount, allowing you to refuel your car at a cheaper price!
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Petron Voucher worth RM

Participate in Lazada Flash Sales and grab Argentina Phone Number List  Petron e-Voucher at 0:00 on November 11 to save you RM5. This e-Voucher is only applicable to Petron gas stations in Klang Valley!

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2. Petronas e-Voucher worth RM50 for only RM45
Also, if you participate in the Lazada Flash Sales event at 00:00 on November 11, you can enjoy a RM 5 discount when you go to a Petronas petrol station to refuel.

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In addition to Lazada, Grab has also collaborated with Petron to launch more refueling discounts.

During the promotion period, as long as you spend RM50 or more at the nearest Petron gas station and use GrabPay to pay, you can get a RM5 discount voucher. This RM5 can be used for your next purchase at a Petron gas station.

Each Grab user is limited to 1 RM5 discount voucher, which can be obtained from MyRewards in the Grab mobile app

Promotion period: October 21 – November 19 (limited to the first 17,500 transactions)

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Some people may not like to store money in too many Albania Phone Number List e-wallets, but think about it from another perspective. You will eventually use these shopping platforms to shop anyway, so why not just use the e-wallets to pay? They may even allow you to enjoy exclusive discounts!

For example, Lazada once launched a promotion where you could get up to 40% off when purchasing items using Lazada Wallet on the 26th of every month.


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