The store manager made coffee right after

According to Korean meia reports, a netizen recently went to a franchise store of the South Korean coffee chain The Venti to buy coffee. At the door of the store, he saw the store manager rubbing his feet with his hands at the back. He thought it was unhygienic and wante to take a photo to report it. Unexpectely, after he ordere the store manager actually came out wearing the same pair of gloves and starte making his coffee. He was dumbfounde and felt very disguste.

The netizen took photos of the entire

Pocess and poste them online. He originally just wante to report the hygiene issues in the store, but he did not expect that the store manager who rubbe his foot skin UK Phone Number List would wear the same pair of gloves to make coffee directly. He felt nauseous just thinking about it. “Although I trie hard not to care, I still couldn’t drink it anyway. It felt like the skin on my feet had fallen into the coffee.” Finally, The Venti urgently issue a  franchise. Tores and that subsequent matters would be handles soon as possible.

Afterwards, the original poster angrily

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Rporte the hygiene issues of this franchise store to the head office and demande a refund, but the other party only replie that “we will strengthen hygiene eucation, but Argentina Phone Number List cannot refund.” This shirking of responsibility and perfunctory answer. disappointe the netizen. The post went viral online, triggering a large number. Of netizens to condemn the coffee shop for its. Poor hygiene habits, saying, “Won’t the cuticles fly away?” and “Foot rubbing is something that should only be done in private spaces.” Some netizens criticize the “head office’s attitude.As being very bad” and disagree with the way the money could not be refunde.


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