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Double 11 is coming soon, and with CMCO keeping us stuck at home with nothing to do, I’m sure everyone has prepared their wallets, ready to go on a shopping spree when the sales start!

After all, cheap is king, discount is king. It’s not that we consumers love to get bargains, we just want to save more money to buy more things from you~~~

So, the editor below shares with you 7 tips for saving money when shopping on shopping platforms, let’s learn them quickly!

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1. Add items to your shopping cart before the sale starts

Sometimes there will be super super cheap deals on Shopee, like the Germany Phone Number List  vacuum cleaner robot below, which can be bought for only R

The quantity of items in such a discount is usually very limited. So when you see the preview ad before the promotion, it is best to add it to the shopping cart immediately. Then follow the countdown time above and set the alarm on your phone so that when the promotion starts, you can click to pay directly, so that you can increase the probability of grabbing the discount!

Pay by credit card


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Many people don’t know that shopping platforms such as Afghanistan Phone Number List Shopee and Lazada often cooperate with different banks to launch various cash rebates, or offer discounts that allow you to obtain higher points, etc.

Therefore, by choosing a specific credit card to pay when shopping, you can save some money invisibly!


3. Don’t rush to buy something you like, put it in the shopping cart first and wait for it to go on sale

Especially Lazada, when the price of the items in your shopping cart drops, it will also remind you intimately. For those products that you want but are not in a hurry to buy, you can try this! Although the savings are not much, if several items in the shopping cart are 1-2 yuan cheaper than the original price, then the total is very considerable.
Vouchers and Coins

Shopping platforms such as Lazada and Shopee often open up vouchers provid by merchants for the public to collect. Some vouchers can also be combin, allowing you to reem them again and again.

In addition, in order to reward consumers, some shopping platforms. Will also give a certain amount of electronic coins after everyone consumes. After a certain amount is accumulateThese electronic coins can be exchang for cash or vouchers. Some even allow you to get electronic coin

5. Use e-wallets in shopping platforms

For example, Lazada’s Lazada Wallet and Shopee’s ShopeePay, the electronic currency. In them can only be use for consumption within the shopping platform.


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