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Who has never heard of Revolut?

This 100% digital financial institution is an alternative to traditional banks and its features have won over the Portuguese.

In Portugal, this service already has over 400,000 users… and expects to reach half a million users in the coming months. And what about the Premium and Metal plans, have you heard about them?

Revolut Premium or Metal: What are the advantages?

Subscribing to the Revolut Premium or Metal plan gives Revolut users Revolut Premium or Metal: What are the advantages? access to all the benefits of the basic Revolut app. However, there are, of course, other features that stand out for those who subscribe to one of the plans.

Anyone who subscribes to a Premium plan will have access to:

Access to disposable virtual cards

Revolut Premium or Metal: What are the advantages?

Free worldwide express shipping, even for replacement cards (when needed)
Free exchange of multiple currencies at the interbank rate
€400 free ATM withdrawal limit every 30 days

Free Premium Cards (with unique design)

Free medical insurance whenever you travel abroad
Flight and baggage delay insurance
Instant access to 5 cryptocurrencies
Priority support
In the case of the Revolut Metal plan, custom  rs who subscribe to this plan have, in addition to all the benefits of the Premium plans, the exclusive right to:


Exclusive Metal Card (available in different colors and with all features such as contactless, chip and pin, etc.)

Access to a concierge service to help manage Compare Your Strengths Weak Points With Your Competitors your lifestyle, such as booking tickets for shows or restaurants
0.1% cashback in Europe and 1% outside Europe on all card payments
Triple the free monthly limit for ATM withdrawals: €600

Offer of access to airport lounges

Premium users can have Premium and Standard cards simultaneously. Metal users can have Standard, Premium and Metal cards simultaneously . And regardless of the card used, you will always have access to the benefits of the plan!

For example: if a customer with the Metal plan uses the Standard card for a purchase, they will still receive cashback, as this is an advantage of the Metal plan!


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