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When discussing how to write a good resume, people often focus on how to write a resume that can attract the attention of HR within a few seconds.

However, is this really the case in the workplace? If your resume fails to give HR a sense of surprise, does it mean that your resume will be reject?

Of course, most real HRs will not be so “careless” when handling the application process. An author who has been enga in recruitment work for many years recently shar with everyone 3 things you must know about “resumes”!

First: Applicants should


Avoid the reasons why their resumes are delet in seconds

Resumes are dele immiately, mainly because applicants make basic South Africa Phone Number List mistakes, such as: descriptions that do not match the job, no bio, too many typos/grammatical errors, not meeting skill requirements, no contact information, etc.

Therefore, everyone should check their resume carefully before sending it out. After all, ensuring that there are no errors in the resume is only a basic requirement of the company.

Second: It’s not the seconds


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That determine the fate of your resume, but the key content

If a resume can be judg within a few seconds to see whether it meets basic requirements, then companies don’t n to hire HR and can just let computers do the work.

When a resume comes to HR, the most important Argentina Phone Number List hing HR nes to do is to find the key content relatto the job requirements from the content, then decide whether to contact the other party for an interview, and finally evaluate whether the other party is worthy of being hd. This is the value of HR in this process.


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