A non-premium telephone number

As well as data concerning the host of the online sales site you can also find out how to create an online sales site . The name of the publication director and the editors must also be indicated . Specific mentions For e-commerce self-employed and individual entrepreneurs, you must indicate in the specific information the first and last name as well as the home address. If you have chosen a company status ,


you must mention in the specific


notices of the legal notices of an Cyprus Mobile Number List e-commerce site the information concerning the company, including the company name, the legal structure, the address of the head office, the identification number of your company  digits and the amount of share capital. Notices relating to intellectual property rights Concerning this part of the legal notices of an e-commerce site, it contains all the information concerning the intellectual property of the visuals published such as images,


videos, photography, etc.

To avoid any problems, it is better to opt for Austria Phone Number List royalty-free images, for example. You can find them on platforms like Bust, Free images, Fotomelia, etc. You can also purchase licensed images for example. The same goes for the texts. They are protected by the intellectual property code. So be careful and only post something you have the right to post. Discover our training courses to launch a profit-generating online business Discover now Legal notices concerning the hosting of the e-commerce site In the legal notices of an e-commerce site, 


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