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Launch a profit-generating online business Discover now Although there are severe sanctions in the event of non-compliance with the obligation concerning the legal notices of an e-commerce site, the DDPP does not impose direct sanctions. She first sends a letter to the site editor to inform him of the violation noted.


If the latter rectifies the problem,


there will be no fine. In any case,given that legal Thailand Mobile Number List notices are mandatory and given the sanctions you risk, it is better to learn how to write them correctly . The different types of legal notices for an e-commerce site There are several types of legal notices to include on a website. There are general, specific notices, those concerning intellectual property rights and those concerning hosting . 


in the section forgeneral conditions

of sale CGV or in the section for the general Australia Phone Number List conditions of use or CGU. In the general notices, the following information must be included: The registration number in the trade and companies register or RCS number: You can also register the registration number in the trade directory or RM. The name of the city of the registry where the structure is registered The identification number in case you are subject to VAT. Apart from this information, you need an email address, 


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