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I was wondering if we could take about five minutes and I’ll give you a case study type of idea on the spot because you could read a how-to book, but the fact is the question is what does your business do, Your business goals will determine your priorities in .

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Even before attending intensive institutional Jiangsu Mobile Number List training. I invest in duct tape marketing. What you just heard is a testimonial from a recent graduate of the Duct Tape Marketing Certification Intensive Program, which is gear toward Fractional Marketing agencies and consultants like them.





The book is call The Power


Hustle to Change Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Afghanistan Phone Number List Motivation. Neil, thank you for joining me. Neil Patel Thank you for having me. In fact, I recently had Robert Cialdini on the show, who is the author of Influence and has another book out now, a couple of years apart.


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