13 SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website’s Rankings

Don’t make SEO mistakes! Over the years, Google has created a series of rules to ensure that websites compete fairly in the rankings game.
Some websites insist on ignoring the rules, make SEO mistakes and have been punished more and more frequently, falling or disappearing from search results.

This article is a warning to masochists who are desperately waiting for the next Google update. And are nervously excited because they weren’t hit this time.

We listactionsthat can turn your website into yet another victim of Google’s algorithm updates. Take care of yourself or wait forever for the next change.


first position in the search for digital marketing

The risk is real, it happened to us. It wasn’t a punishment Ecuador Mobile Number List for playing unfairly, but for a serious problem.

Marketingdigital.com.br was in first place in searches for digital marketing , but due to a health problem in the family, we had to stop the site for almost 4 years and we dropped to 19th position…

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digital marketing position 3-11-2019
We are now back, with all the determination in the world to recover the position that interests us…

This became our commitment, established in an article: How we will make MarketingDigital.com.br the main Digital Marketing portal in Brazil again

So, here’s how to avoid falling in the rankings by doing the right thing. Again, don’t make SEO mistakes.

The best steps to take to avoid falling or disappearing from search results are:

Do not offer original content

First of all, this is perhaps one of the most common SEO mistakes.

Instead of writing your own content, copy articles from Afghanistan Phone Number List several websites, rewrite them by swapping six for half a dozen, or even just arrange keywords that are important to your business in sentences that no human can understand.

So, one of two things, if your site is not punished for duplicate content, it will be completely ignored for offering irrelevant content.

We have already published an article telling you how to produce relevant content .

Please note that it is not enough to produce original content and leave it there, unchanged, forever. Not only will this content become outdated, to the displeasure of your readers, but Google will not have new content to index. Your rankings will tend to drop and search bots will visit your site less and less.

I guarantee that updating and consistency in publications are essential actions. After all, marketingdigital.com.br was the 1st in searches for digital marketing and fell to the twentieth position due to lack of publication. This does not constitute a punishment, but a loss of relevance.

Insist on the Jurassic technique of keyword stuffing
There is nothing that readers like more than reading a text in which certain terms are repeated over and over again.

This was perhaps the first dirty SEO trick (black hat), but, incredibly, it is still a mistake made by many, in every 10 words of the text or in the footer of the page.

Excessive repetition of terms is a good way for those who want to fall in search results.

The Yoast plugin helps keep repetitions within the recommended range.

Continue to see Panda and Penguin and other Google animals only at the zoo
Panda and Penguin were two of the most important updates to Google’s algorithms. They further restricted the actions of those trying to game the system.


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