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After being eliminated in the first round of the Indonesia Open, Malaysian badminton star Lee Zii Jia suddenly announced that he would take an indefinite leave from badminton until he regained his motivation. As an important member of the Malaysian badminton team, Lee Zii Jia’s decision undoubtedly sent a bombshell to the badminton world. At the same time, it also reminds us that athletes, like other professions, will also experience the so-called “workplace burnout.”

The phenomenon of workplace burnout

Burnout is a state of low mood, loss of interest and motivation at work. It may be caused by the following reasons:

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1. Excessive work pressure: Facing high-intensity work pressure for a long time often makes people feel tired and exhausted.

2. Lack of sense of accomplishment: Doing the same job for a long time or without clear goals and challenges will make people feel a lack of sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

3. Lack of work-life balance: Devoting long hours to Panama Phone Number List work and neglecting personal life and hobbies can lead to physical, mental and professional exhaustion.

2. What Li Zijia’s decision brings to people in the workplace

Lee Zii Jia announced that he would temporarily leave the badminton arena to find his lost passion. We can draw the following lessons from his decision:

Courage to face workplace burnout

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Lee Zii Jia dared to face his own professional burnout and took action to solve the problem. This courage and determination is worth learning from. Don’t avoid workplace burnout, but Albania Phone Number List face it bravely and find a solution.

2. The importance of rest: Lee Zii Jia’s decision may be to give himself a chance to breathe and reflect, to re-examine his career path and the meaning of badminton. This reminds us that even top athletes need rest, and so do we. Rest is important, it can help us recover our energy, re-examine our career, and regain the lost passion and motivation.


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