She is also preparing to retire early

Retirement is a dream that many people dream of but dare not hope for. They are not even sure when it will come true because they are afraid that they do not have enough retirement funds. Therefore, even if they have reached the statutory retirement age, many people dare not say that they can retire easily, let alone retire early. However, there is a girl in Australia who earns six figures a month by selling toys live at the age of 11.

Accordi to the Mirror the girl

Is named Pixie Curtis and is currently 11 years old. Her mother is a senior public relations woman. After Pixie was born, she founded a hair accessories brand called “Pixie’s Spain Phone Number List Bows” in her name. Under the influence of her mother, Pixie naturally learned a lot of entrepreneurial knowledge from her mother. Therefore, when she was 10 years old, Pixie founded the toy company “Pixie’s Fidgets”. Note that this is not a child’s play. Pixie led her company to sell goods through live streaming, and the turnover in the first month alone reached 100,000 US dollars (about 440,000 Malaysian ringgits).

It is reported that the toys she

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sells on live streaming every month can bring her a lot of income, which really brings financial freedom to her at a young age. Of course, her daily life is also very luxurious. Bixi and her family live in a mansion, and her mother once gave her a sports car worth millions. Now, at the age of 11, Bixi is preparing Algeria Phone Number List to retire early because she is about to enter middle school. Her parents hope that she can stop the toy business and focus on her studies. After all, learning is very important for everyone. As for Bixi’s toy company, her mother will continue to run it.


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