10 tips from fashion, luxury and beauty experts

At Launchmetrics, we kicked off 2022 by making one of our first New Year’s resolutions a reality. At our Performance by Launchmetrics virtual summit , we hosted fashion, luxury, and beauty experts from companies like Lush, Farfetch, Coty, Google, and more to share industry insights and understand what the future holds for brands and their consumers.

In this article, we reveal ten key insights from #performance2022, from some of our summit speakers, who shared advice and important learnings during the three-day online event.


It’s all about the consumer!
Consistency is the key to communication
From Key Opinion Leaders to Key Opinion Customers
Investing in technology
The new phase of digital
Towards a Phygital Future
Meeting consumer expectations
Don’t be afraid to take risks
Winning over Chinese consumers
Choosing the right KOLs and Influencers
It’s all about the consumer!

In recent years, brands have taken a strategic approach to keeping up with rapidly evolving consumer needs, finding significant BTC Users Number Data value in connecting with the right audiences through the right channels. Francesco Passone, Head of Southern Europe at Klarna, notes a “ growing importance of the new generation of consumers ,” and that we need to understand two key aspects of their behavior.

This new generation is driving market growth and younger consumers are more sensitive and influenced by social media.

Klarna has understood this growing group of shoppers, recognizing their need for convenience and financial control, and has created an all-in-one shopping experience through its app and offering flexible payment options such as “ buy now, pay later ”.

Looking to the future, Passone encourages brands that want to grow to continue with small changes and faster interactions, keeping consumers’ interests at the center.

Consistency is the key to communication



Brands have turned much of their attention to online communication channels. And with such a variety of brand touchpoints, segments, and ways to engage with audiences, it has become vital to communicate clearly and consistently.

Coty’s global communications director, Letizia Calcamo, explained that ” brands need to share experiences and engagement that Algeria Phone Number List are equally understandable to many different people .”

With consumers using multiple social media platforms, brands are being pushed to create a variety of content. You need to build your brand voice and mission with your customer in mind. By maintaining a clear, consistent brand message across platforms, you can skillfully avoid fragmentation and create a strong brand identity.

From Key Opinion Leaders to Key Opinion Customers
Brands are continually finding ways to grow valuable connections with customers in the East.

This is seen with major brands like Chanel incorporating Micro Creators on TikTok into their marketing strategies. Viewers are turning to these Creators to find new and interesting brands. In fact, viral video trends like ‘#unboxing’ luxury goods have garnered more than 12.6 billion views on the platform, indicating a huge opportunity for brands to build awareness.

If you want to learn more about how to leverage TikTok’s strategy, watch our webinar “TikTok’s Takeover: The Power of Creators” with TikTok’s Head of Luxury Brand Partnerships, Kristina Karassoulis.

Investing in technology

As a result of the global pandemic, fashion brands have shifted to using more digital channels to engage with consumers looking for unique experiences. However, not all brands are leveraging these platforms to their fullest.

YouTube’s head of fashion and beauty, Derek Blasberg, shared with us five important elements of YouTube content that attract audiences:

Write a catchy and interesting video title to grab the viewer’s attention.
Choose a standout visual for your preview. If it’s a runway show, choose a noteworthy look from the collection.
End cards are important to help your viewers find more videos and engage with your content.
Embedding links to your YouTube videos into your other channels can increase views and generate more performance and visibility for your brand.
Descriptions are the best framework to contextualize your content for your viewers.
A strong video marketing campaign can have a significant impact on brand performance. You can check out our recent report in collaboration with YouTube, ‘YouTube’s Fashion Effect’ to learn more!

The new phase of digital

Everyone is talking about the Metaverse, but what does this mean for brands? Companies are taking steps to learn about and implement blockchain technologies to stay competitive. However, brands must first be aware of their current consumers and the extent of their knowledge of this new landscape.

In August 2021, NARS Cosmetics released a series of NFTs on the Truesy marketplace.

Dina Fierro, VP of Global Digital Strategy Engagement at NARS, notes that this choice of marketplace was strategic.


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