TeleCube Virtual Switchboard Packages in a New Version

Many current and new TeleCube Customers often add additional paid features to their virtual switchboard packages, such as the RINGY callback widget. In order to meet the expectations of our Customers, we have introduced modifications to the packages offered. From March 9 this year, when registering for free tests, Customers will benefit from the new offer of TeleCube virtual switchboard packages.

March 9, 2021 is an important day in the TeleCube calendar. Today, the price list for virtual exchange packages has changed. The changes have not appeared without reason. The new prices are related to the fact that the packages have been expand to include additional numbers and functions previously available outside the package.

What’s add to the packages

In the Virtual Exchange packages we have changed the number of available internal numbers (SIP accounts) and Polish city numbers. In this way, the packages have gained up to 8 additional SIP accounts and up to 4 city numbers (depending on the package).

The Premium and Elite packages, available from March 9 at a new price, additionally include: 1 RINGY callback widget , the Claude Control service (call monitoring) and the SMS Pro service, which is a combination of the already known SMS Survey and SMS after conversation functions.

The SMS Pro service (SMS Survey + SMS after the conversation ) is additionally payable for packages that do not include it in the Binance Database price. It can be purchased by paying a one-time activation fee of PLN 19 net. And then use it for PLN 19 net / month. Please note that regardless of whether the service is activat as part of the package or outside of it, fees are charg for sent SMS messages, according to the TeleCube price list.

In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, the Elite Package also includes the TeleCube API service in its basic version.

Customers who decide to continue Uganda Phone Number List their cooperation after the trial period in the form of a subscription and sign an additional 12-month contract will receive more minutes exchangeable for SMS messages as part of the package (previously it was not possible to exchange minutes for SMS messages). Until now, these values ​​ranged from 100 minutes in the Start package to 1200 minutes in the Elite package. Now these values ​​will range from 200 to even 1600 minutes, exchangeable for up to 888 SMS messages.

up to 100 minutes more per month (which gives a total of up to 200 minutes per month, instead of the previously offered 100 minutes), interchangeably with text messages in the amount of up to 111 messages (free minutes and text messages apply to a 12-month contract).
The Business Package at the price of PLN 89 net per month (previously PLN 69 net per month) now includes :



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