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Relations with an insurance company partner in. The territory of  also in case of unforeseen situations issues with the Ukrainian insurance company are resolved on the spot which significantly speeds up the process of applying for help and solving problems. In addition you are guaranteed Simplicity and convenience . Using Ukrainian insurance you get simplicity and convenience in applying for help. Ukraine provides a wide range of services and flexible options for insurance cases. Which makes the process of applying for help as convenient as possible for you. Coverage of military risks . Taking into account the ongoing fullscale war in Ukraine insurance includes military risks.

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Provision and protection in the event of military contingencies ensuring peace of mind and security during your stay in the country. Visit Ukraine in social networks Lithuania WhatsApp Number List Telegram YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter TikTok Where can I get an insurance policy When insurance becomes an integral part of planning your trip the company Visit Ukraine which has sufficient experience in this field comes to the rescue. In the service packages offered by Visit Ukraine there are various additional assistance measures in case of an unforeseen situation. We are always ready to provide support and help to our customers to make their stay in Ukraine as comfortable and safe as possible. You can quickly and easily issue an insurance policy using this link . In just a few clicks you provide your trip with an airbag that can help solve important questions at any time.


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Both a minor and an elderly person over years old can be insured.  Forget that is a time for discovery so we will do everything Lithuania Phone Number List can to make your in  safe and comfortable.  We will remind introduced martial law on the territory of. Ukraine does not prohibit. The entry of foreigners but it determines some other restrictions. What is necessary for a safe trip and what nuances. Should be taken into account when planning a trip to Ukraine during the war we tell here . Want to know more Read current news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.


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