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The most important thing for a part-time job is to get into a company with a promising future, to be happy at work and to be able to contribute to the company. How do you know if you have chosen the wrong company?  your company, congratulations! You are very lucky because you made the right decision in the first step!

Companies you may be interested in

1. Companies that do not pay EPF SOCSO for their employees

These are the basic guarantees that the country provides to every employee. If a company does not pay EPF & SOCSO for its employees, it proves that they Qatar Phone Numbers List have not fulfilled their responsibilities as a boss, and it also shows disrespect for their employees, and also violates Malaysian laws.

If you encounter such a mpany, you can try to communicate with the boss. If the boss is still unwilling to pay EPF & SOCSO, you can go to the Ministry of Labor to handle it!

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Talk about feelings, not money

Feelings are motivation when you are at work, but it is Argentina Phone Number List  not right to only talk about feelings. Some companies only talk about feelings and not money. When you make a request, you often don’t get a positive response. Some bosses will play the emotional card with you to make you willingly work hard for the company.


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