A man worked as a sales manager for a charity company

A 26-year-old Malay man applied to be a sales executive for a charity company claiming to be a non-governmental organization , but it turned out that he was deceived. On Instagram, a page called “Malaysia Pay Gap” that anonymously shares salary information for various professions shared a post from a former employee of the company, warning young people not to fall into this trap.

According to the post the company

Is recruiting a brand ambassador or sales executive, with a commission-based salary of RM600 a week, but no EPF or social security is provided, and the workday is 11 hours a Dominican Republic Phone Number List day, excluding night shifts, and 6 days a week. The man mentioned that initially they said he could get RM60 to RM150 in commission for each registration form, but in the end he only got RM50 a month in commission.

He also said the NGO was operating

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Under a different name but was in fact the same company. He said the company gave off a positive and happy vibe and looked convincing on the outside. “But once you get Afghanistan Phone Number List under the hood, that’s not the case. They will motivate you with disturbing morning songs and continuous study sessions to keep you busy and distract you from being their slave. “They always remind you to be a team leader, manager or boss, but in reality, they use their own way to make you a puppet and a slave.”


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