COVID-19 online shopping has been privileged

Due to the current dramatic situation related to COVID-19, online shopping has been privileged. However, due to the abrupt increase in online orders, Amazon was ‘forced’ to hire 100,000 more workers.

In addition, the company also increased wages.

We are in a state of alert and emergency all over the world due to the Coronavirus. People are asked to quarantine themselves, stay at home and protect themselves and everyone else.

For this reason, there has been a significant increase in purchases made online.


Amazon hires 1,000 more employees and raises salaries
On Monday, the American delivery company announced that it will increase the salaries of its employees. At the same time, Amazon also indicated that it will hire 100,000 new employees in the United States.

These measures come after the increase in orders re Malaysia Mobile Number List ceived, due to people being at home due to COVID-19.


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As Dave Clark , Amazon’s Vice President of General Operations, stated:

Getting a priority item to your door is vital as commu Afghanistan Phone Number List nities today practice social distancing, especially with the elderly and others with underlying health conditions.

In terms of numbers, the company estimates an investment of US$350 million, approximately 318 million euros, to increase the salaries of employees in various sectors, located in North America and Europe.


Clark adds that:

We are experiencing a significant increase in orders, which means our need for labor is unprecedented for this time of year.

Many people have been economically affected as jobs in areas such as hospitality and public entertainment, restaurants and travel are lost or neglected amid this crisis.

Therefore, to meet demand, Amazon will hire more than 100,000 people, part-time or full-time.

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