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D’Gitais has put together a series of tips to help you achieve great results on Black Friday 2022. We will talk about how to plan to boost your sales in the next edition of Black Friday, which in 2021 surpassed R$5 billion in 2 days in e-commerce. According to data released by Neotrust, Black Friday 2021 showed a 5.8% growth in revenue compared to 2020.

The categories that had the highest number of requests were:

Fashion and accessories
Beauty and Perfumery
Small appliances
Home appliances
Therefore, whether you are a small or medium-sized business owner, this is an opportunity Pakistan Mobile Number List that will open up a huge range of possibilities. Focus on increasing your revenue and getting new customers !

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If you haven’t started planning for Black Friday 2022 yet

now is the time to develop an effective strategy. So, you need to start answering some questions and making some decisions before you take the plunge!

1 – Will your company participate in Black Friday 2022 through a physical store, virtual Argentina Phone Number List store or both ? This information will define which paths you should take to achieve your goals!

2 – Which products will you offer discounts on? Will those “stuck” in your inventory sell well at this time of year? Or should you take seasonality into account and opt for another product that is more likely to be accepted?

3 – Is your negotiating power up to par? Communicate with your suppliers and seek partnerships and better conditions. There is no point in offering discounts that aggressively affect your profit margin and compromise the financial health of your business.

4 – Increasing the price of the product a little beforehand to simulate a discount on the date of the event. This is the type of attitude that customers easily identify, creating a bad image for your business, so be honest and transparent !

5 – Adopt an objective discount policy and leave no room for your customer to have doubts. Define an exchange policy and a discount range for each product category in advance. Remember that in e-commerce there is a legal period of 7 days to cancel the purchase after the purchase. Therefore, above all, respect the rules of the game!

6 – Promise viable delivery deadlines . Ideally, a safety margin should be maintained. This way, in the event of a logistics failure, these deadlines will not be affected.

By determining these factors and answering these questions, you will be ready to start your actions and boost your sales!

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunity and boost your business, but need a little help to run your Black Friday 2022? Come and chat with D’Gitais, we are looking forward to planning incredible actions for you!


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