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Apart from Facebook and Instagram, I believe the most frequently used app is Youtube, right? (I open Youtube and browse it every day!)


Although I check in to YouTube on time every day, it turns out that YouTube also has some hidden settings! And even a veteran YouTube fan like me doesn’t know about it!

What are the super practical settings? Let’s take a look!

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Display the time you have browsed Youtube


If you want to know how much time you spend on Youtube, you can click on ‘Account’ and then ‘Time Watched’, which will show you how long you have spent watching Youtube. This feature not only allows you to know the time you have spent, but also allows you to measure whether you have spent too much time on Youtube!


Time-limited reminder to take a break



Do you think you spend too much time on Youtube? Don’t worry, Youtube also has a very considerate feature that allows you to control the time you spend on Youtube! Just click ‘Remind me to take a break’ to remind you to take a break! For example, after you watch Youtube for 1 hour and 15 minutes, Youtube will pop up a notification to remind you that you should take a break!


Now more and more apps have launched night mode programs, even Facebook and Youtube are no exception! If you want to enter Youtube’s night mode, just go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Dark Theme’ to switch to different modes immediately, so that Hong Kong Phone Number List when you watch videos in a dim place, your glasses will not be so irritated.

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Strict screening mode


If you lend your phone to your children, remember to select this function! It can help you avoid some content that is not suitable for children. For example, the previous Momo incident made many parents tremble with fear, so just selecting this function can greatly reduce a lot of doubts! Just go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Restricted Mode’!


Fast forward the video



Everyone knows that you can go back 10 seconds by double-tapping on the left side of the video, and you can fast forward 10 seconds by clicking on the right side. But did you Algeria Phone Number List know that you can adjust the speed of fast forward or rewind? Just go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Double-tap to seek’ and select the speed you want!


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