A different kind of sales job

Sales , for many people, is an alluring field because it makes a lot of money quickly.

However, on the other hand, many job seekers are deterred from this job because the base salary is too low and it sounds unreliable that high income depends entirely on commissions.

So if I say that there is a Sales job here that allows you to earn up to RM4000 in basic salary alone, and then pocket an additional commission of up to RM3000, is that a golden job opportunity for you?


Companies you may be interested in

All you need is an SPM diploma, and you can apply even if you don’t have relevant experience! This 5-day job not only has a high income, but also allows you to enjoy a series of generous benefits such as various allowances, free company trips, annual dinners, year-end bonuses, etc.!

Are these entry requirements and salary packages very attractive to you? After reading the job responsibilities below, if you are interested, come and apply now!


Position 1: Sales Consultant

【Monthly salary: up to RM7000】

Entry Requirements:

SPM / school leavers are encouraged to apply
Experience or not
Possess strong entrepreneurial spirit and execution capabilities
Willingness to learn and grow
Proactive, customer-centric and performance-driven
Proficient in communication skills, basic computer skills required
Own transportation
Understanding of the fundamentals of green energy technology solutions is a plus (training will be provided)

Generate revenue for the company through performance consulting sales to business owners (B2B) and consumers (B2C);
Generate new sales avenues and potential business development opportunities to grow the company
Customer centricity is key, focusing on understanding customer needs and solving their pain points.
Build good relationships with customers by providing information; develop new opportunities.
Conduct product demonstrations to customers and then develop consultations and recommendations based on customer requirements
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Do you think this job is not suitable for you? Do Austria Phone Number List you want to look for other sales jobs? Don’t rush to leave. The editor has specially sorted out 4 other jobs for your reference! Come and see if there is one that suits you!

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 Musical Instruments Sales Advisor


【Monthly salary: up to RM3000】

Highlights: Fresh graduates are welcome to apply, generous salary, attractive commission, year-end bonus, annual leave, medical benefits…

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Position 3: Sales Executive

【Monthly salary: up to RM8000】

Highlights: Sales returns, rewards…

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Position 4: Sales Executive

【Monthly salary: up to RM6000】

Highlights: Minimum SPM diploma Albania Phone Number List required, commission, incentives, annual bonus, profit sharing, company travel, professional training, education training…

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Position 5: Sales Executive

【Monthly salary: RM3000++】

Highlights: Sales bonus, generous commission, car allowance.


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