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Traditional SLG marketing relies on the abilities of veral superheroes and is very dependent on personal performance. The sales scale is difficult to prict. If the superstar leaves, the company will face huge loss. 3) Enterpri growth has begun to weaken. Traditional sales customer acquisition has gradually become more difficult. In many cas, customers actively find them, rather than actively acquire them, and growth has become weak. According to a survey conduct by a well-known organization, 88% of B2B business transactions start online, and 75% of customers u social mia as a product rearch channel. Customers’ mindts are changing, and more and more B2B transactions start online, and social mia has become an important channel for customer rearch.

According to a survey

Customers are increasingly actively New Zealand WhatsApp Number obtaining information on their own, and buyers are gradually becoming the dominant force in market purchas. In addition, with abundant products and numerous competing products, the supply and demand relationship is changing, gradually evolving from a ller’s B2B business market to a buyer’s market. Therefore, SLG growth alone can no longer meet the nes of enterpris. In the face of the challenges, how to respond to them can increa revenue. In addition to exploring how to optimize and solve the traditional SLG sales model, we also discusd digital marketing and unanimously recogniz the importance of digital marketing.

In addition to

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Next, we ne to think about how to implement Afghanistan Phone Number List digital marketing and help companies achieve exponential revenue growth. We will discuss with you how to form a correct customer-centric cognition, and achieve B2B business exponential revenue growth through the five-step digital marketing method and the progressive goal approach. At the same time, we will also discuss issues such as digital marketing tools and organization, hoping to open up ideas for your company to achieve exponential growth. 1. Establish the correct understanding of customer value-driven.


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