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Appointment is set for Friday May fromyou can sign up at this link. We are waiting for you! The Real Web team In the silence of the quarantine, creativity wins Creativity In the silence of the quarantine, creativity wins realweb Articles, covid-19 tourism marketing, creativity, strategic monitoring, tourism No comment For various destinations and accommodation facilities, the Easter holidays were an opportunity to use digital communication tools to get closer to people.

The generaliz and successful

Communicating with them, making them feel closer to the Netherlands WhatsApp Number places that have always been their holiday destination was the challenge that every structure and destination had to face. The common goal was to make everyone remember and allow them to dream of their ideal vacation, while continuing to keep the desire to leave alive.  intention was to shorten the physical distance impos by the lockdown, in order to re-establish direct contact with tourists who were unable to travel at the time.

Netherlands WhatsApp Number

The Swiss town of Graubünden

Throughout the Covid-19 phase, “digitiz” creativity had to be Afghanistan Phone Number List resort to, brilliant and innovative ideas became the engine of “remote” communication.  has always avoid explicit mention of the Coronavirus emergency or the pandemic that affect everyone without distinction. It got involv by proposing activities that highlight its characteristics and its history through the five senses:


for the sense of smell it gave the opportunity to buy a pillow fill with stone pine shavings, for the sight it propos a photo quiz , for hearing he shar a playlist on Spotify and a series of audio stories for the little ones, for touch he allow everyone to follow the exercises of the Olympic athlete Dario Cologna, for taste instead a series of easy online recipes to follow and reproduce.


Graubünden quiz However, she is not the only one to have been so creative. Easter greetings have become the right occasion to remind tourists of their holiday planning, and that is what the Austrian resort of Kitzbühel has done. “Yes, one is forc to stay at home, yet the mind is already turn to summer. Plan!”. A cry of hope, life and happiness also came from the hotels which, with equal creativity, kept alive the memory of relaxation and well-being that one feels while doing yoga or exercising in the morning.


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