Why is my money getting less and less

Everyone has their own way of saving money. Some people choose a more aggressive way of saving money in order to force themselves to save money. There is no right or wrong way to save money. You must remember to make sure you have more than half a year of reserves before implementing a tough saving method. Only when you have other spare money can you decide whether to lock the money in a place where it cannot be withdrawn.

Some saving methods are not suitable for people who don’t have extra money. If you are unable to come up with a reserve fund in an emergency, the following saving methods may not be suitable for you!

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1. Treat savings insurance as a deposit

Admittedly, this is a good way to force yourself to save money, provided that you have a good grasp of the amount of premium and make a choice based on your ability, because if you cancel the contract before it expires, you will definitely lose money. If you want to buy savings insurance, it is best to do it when you have extra money, even if you don’t use the money for a while.

2. Spend first, save later

The correct way to save money is to save and pay expenses after receiving your salary, and the remaining money is for your daily expenses. The best France Phone Number List way is to transfer the money to another bank account after receiving your salary. Human desires are unlimited. If you are used to spending first and then saving the remaining money, the amount you can save every month will be less and less.

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3. Treat investments as savings

Investments can bring gains and losses. Because we cannot predict the direction of the market, we should never invest all our money. It is similar to the concept of savings insurance. No matter what your purpose is, don’t invest all your money. If you happen to need money for an emergency and your stocks are falling, you are putting the cart before the horse in investment.


One of the purposes of saving money is to have money to deal with emergencies. Using the wrong method to save money will not only fail to Afghanistan Phone Number List save money, but also affect your life. There are many ways to save money. Only by finding a method that suits you can you save more and more money in a short period of time.


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