verything we said above is wonderful


 Challenges and obstacles specific to the Python language Ebut Python is not rosy either. There are a set of challenges and obstacles specific to the Python language the most important of which are The relative slowness of the Python language The other side of Pythons simplicity unfortunately is the slowness of its applications and the execution of its codes because it is a highlevel language as we mentioned above and not for example like C.


 Not using it in phone


applications One of the disadvantages of the Python langua Iran Mobile Number List ge is that it is not . Used in developing phone applications for example like Swift or Kotlin but do not understand my words wrongly there are frameworks and tools that depend on it

but they are not common.

 Python is not the best language with memory Python is not the best language for allocating and managi Bahrain Phone Number List ng memory. Python language philosophy Dear reader you will be certain of everything I say if you know that ./ Tim Peters one of the first contributors to the . Python language wrote rules related to the . Python philosophy and only of them were mentioned on the official Python language website and they are Beautiful is better than ugly.



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