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This is nothing new. This is rebranding for lookalike audience targeting. Exactly. It looks like audience targeting has been around since the beginning of the year and it was always the fallback for ad targeting methods and if you didn’t have anyto similar ad targeting, similar audience targeting and it just flipp the peck on its head Food order. I click “Go” on my website, expecting the crowds to come, but they didn’t. I thought “Oh, I must be missing something.” Then I read Duct Tape Marketing and realiz what I was missing, so I follow your book exactly.


They say the default now is



similar audience targeting, if you happen to Jiangsu Mobile Number List have the data then that’s still an option but it’s not requir now, does it actually work? Of course it can play a little role, but relative to what they’ve achiev in years At the top, it’s quite difficult.  my business is actually built on consulting, helping people sell what are actually high value homes for the most money in the shortest time. So I became a homeowner consultant, and then after the economic crash, our economy crash a little bit later than yours, so around the time the housing market crash, real estate agents start contacting me and said, “Can you help us set up our Business?” I was thinking “I ne to read up on Duct Tape Marketing again.








I’m delight to welcome


a new sponsor to the podcast. Our friends here. Help Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List small teams power big businesses with the go-to platform for intelligent marketing automation. We’ve been using it for years to power our subscription forms, email newsletters, and sales funnel drip marketing campaigns. So I did that, and again I follow those principles and help them build their business. It was really, really enjoyable for me. There’s a third element in the real estate business trilogy, and since I’m collecting them, I still have businesses one and two.



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