RM20k per week and can bring friends

This is great news for friends who love barbecue food! As a “chief barbecue chef”, you must visit the most developed barbecue culture cities in the United States within two weeks to taste, collect barbecue skills, take photos of local barbecue food, and upload them to the Internet to share what you see and hear with fans around the world.


According to Reynolds

the “Chief Griller” can also bring a friend along, all expenses covered by the company!

Do you think that the threshold for Iran Phone Number List such a job must be high, at least require experience as a chef, or is limited to famous food bloggers? Then you are wrong!

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There is no special application

requirement for this job! Interested Afghanistan Phone Number List parties only need to send an email to the company with a 100-word explanation of why they are suitable for this job, and attach a picture of their favorite barbecue dish.

If you want free food, drinks and entertainment, please remember to email to apply!





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