Return Appier explains: How to create the best native ads

Return Appier explains It can be seen that compared. With traditional display advertising, although native advertising is a type of paid. Advertising, its layout, format and style are completely. Consistent with non-paid content, which gives native advertising a unique advantage – it can avoid advertising viewing . The phenomenon of ad blindness can better attract consumers’ attention. Because native ads look like other content on the platform, consumers are more likely to click on them and get more value from the ads, which in turn leads to higher conversion rates.

Three Key Elements of High-Quality Native Advertising return Appier explains

There are pros and cons to native ads. Some are as engaging as real editorial articles, while others are just like ordinary ads. Here are 3 key factors that determine the quality of native ads:

The reason why native ads are “native” ads is because of the format. Such ads must fit seamlessly into other content on the platform, so the format in which they are presented is crucial. If the content on the platform contains titles, captions, and images, native ads must also have these elements and be presented in the same format.

“Tone of voice” is a key detail that determines America Cell Phone Number List the quality of native advertising. Not only must native ads look similar to the content on the platform, they must also share the same copywriting tone.

Native ads should use image materials that are similar to the image style of the platform content. However, since the styles of website images are often very diverse, especially news websites, this factor is of relatively low importance.

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Appier integrates generative AI technology to create native advertising copy for clients

Appier’s CrossX solution is a customer acquisition Panama Phone Number List platform that specializes in assisting in the creation of advertisements. Through the latest advertising technology, it not only allows brands to place advertisements in native placements in platform content, but also assists brands in generating advertising titles and content through generative AI technology. Narrative, provide more effective advertising copy.

As mentioned before, the tone of copywriting is a key detail that determines the success or failure of advertising. In addition to attracting potential customers, the tone of copywriting for native advertising must also be consistent with other content on the platform. This is where generative AI comes into play, generating multiple versions of copy for marketers to choose from.


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