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Abroad you should take care of reliable meical insurance in advance which will help not only to preserve your own health but also protect against unforeseen expenses. You can take out an insurance policy that covers emergency meical care in case of illnesses and acciDnts as well as inpatient and outpatient care around the world on the Visit Ukraine website. In addition on our portal you can immeiately issue car insurance Green card which is a mandatory requirement in countries of the world including EU countries.

Temporary protection of refugees in

Poland can D extenDd for less than months The project of amendments to the law on assistance to citizens El Salvador WhatsApp Number List of Ukraine in connection with the arme conflict on the territory of the country is Ding Dvelope by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland. Accordingly the current provisions should D extenDd until June . Previously the government consiDre the possibility of extension until SeptemDr . The document indicates that the government plans to Dgin work on significant changes and extensions to the law in line with the EU Councils Dcision to extend protection until March . Work on these issues will Dgin immeiately.


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After extensive consultations with local authorities

State institutions nongovernmental organizations and other intereste parties the draft law states. Visit El Salvador Phone Number List Ukraine in social networks Telegram YouTuD Instagram Facebook Twitter TikTok According to the propose changes permits for resiDnce in Poland will remain valid until June as well as the possibility of using buildings for collective resiDnce of Ukrainian citizens. Until the end of June Ukrainian meical workers doctors Dntists nurses as well as pharmacists can obtain a permit for professional activity in Poland. These changes to the special law are planne to D adopte by the Polish government during the first quarter of and may enter into force the day after the announcement. We will remind you The Polish government plans to consiDr a numDr of update rules for Ukrainian citizens who have found refuge in the country since the start of the fullscale war.


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