Merchant Center Next: Get ready for its arrival!

The end of this year is approaching and, as Google announced months ago, Merchant Center Next will be available for everyone in 2024. Currently, only a few people have this version and what we know as Merchant Center will disappear. Beyond the change in appearance, catalog management within the platform will be simplified. Google will be the one to track our catalog and load it within Merchant.


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Changes we will see in Merchant Center Next
Simpler interface
Exporting products in Merchant Center Next
Improved Performance Tab in Merchant Center Next
Google Product Studio: AI for product image editing
Accessibility and expectations for change in Google Shopping
Free marketing house price calculator
Changes we will see in Merchant Center Next
Simpler interface
As we have seen in all Google tools, starting with Google Analytics 4 , everything tends to follow Israel Mobile Number List this aspect. In Google Ads, a change in the interface

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Exporting products in Merchant Center Next

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, one of the main changes we will encounter will be the way in which we load our products.

Product data such as title, description, price, image, etc.  Therefore,  will be loaded directly from the information we have on our website. On the one hand, this will allow us to always have the data updated and will facilitate access to the platform for merchants with less technical knowledge.

| Merchant Center Next | Exporting products
As cons, we have seen that to edit the products we would have Algeria Phone Number List  to go product by product manually , but we hope that this is something that Google will solve in the future.

What can happen is that, as it is an automatic crawl, we do not have the information ( microdata ) well Therefore,  structured within the website and the robot is not able to correctly crawl. If you think this may be your case, request an SEO audit without obligation.

Improved Performance Tab in Merchant Center Next
In the performance section, we will have access to new reports that will provide us with valuable information for our business, and others that we already have access to in Merchant Center, such as those related to price competitiveness.

Among the new reports, we will be able to access information on descriptions, titles, and prices of competitors’ items , as long as they have active items, which will allow us to obtain information about our sector.


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